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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 3 HD Episode 101 To 150 Download WebRip MKV 480p

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 3 All Episode Download

Language: Hindi
Quality: HQ HDTV
Genre : Mythological Drama, Spiritual Drama, Action, Fantasy
First episode date: 18 December 2011
Final episode date: 14 December 2014
Theme song: Shiv Shiv
Number of episodes: 820
Networks: Sveriges Television, Bright TV
Written by C.L. Saini, Brij Mohan Pandey, Koel Chaudhary, Mihir Bhuta, Dr. Bodhisattva, Aas Mohammad Abbasi, Bhavna Vyas, Manoj Tripathi, Utkarsh Naithani and Subrat Sinha
Directed by Nikhil Sinha, Ismail Umarr Khan, Manish Singh, Govind Agrawal, Satish Bhargav

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (English: God of the Gods… Mahadev) is a drama series based on the legends of God Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev. It premiered on 18 December 2011 airing Monday through Friday nights on Life OK. It was dubbed into several languages. The show ran until 14 December 2014 for a total of 820 episodes.

The show has been dubbed in Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Telugu, Assamese, Marathi, and Indonesian with titles Devadidev Mahadev, Shivam, Kailasanathan, Mahadev, Hara Hara Mahadeva, Mahadev, Devanche Dev Mahadev, and Mahadewa respectively. In Indonesia, the drama was broadcast on antv. It was remade in Kannada as HaraHara Mahadeva The official DVD version of the series Season 1 up to Shiv Parvati wedding is available.

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101-Sati expresses her happiness.mp4 – 133.2 MB
102-The wedding feast doesnt go well.mp4 – 153.1 MB
103-Sati apologises to her father.mp4 – 153.0 MB
104-Mahadev at Dakshs yagna.mp4 – 152.5 MB
105-Daksh insults Mahadev.mp4 – 153.0 MB
106-Daksh apologises to Mahadev.mp4 – 153.8 MB
107-Sati decides to leave for Kailash.mp4 – 153.8 MB
108-Mahadev tames River Saraswati.mp4 – 153.4 MB
109-Daksh has not given up.mp4 – 152.3 MB
110-Sati leaves for Kailash.mp4 – 151.7 MB
111-Satis three promises.mp4 – 218.7 MB
112-The story of Atharva Veda.mp4 – 219.3 MB
113-Lord Shiva slays Chitrasur.mp4 – 217.8 MB
114-Sati is now aware of her power.mp4 – 218.8 MB
115-ShivaSati union Kailash gears up.mp4 – 219.7 MB
116-Lord Shiva stages a funny drama.mp4 – 209.0 MB
117-Daksh clashes with Mahadev.mp4 – 219.2 MB
118-Sati prays to Mahadev.mp4 – 218.8 MB
119-Sati angers Shiva.mp4 – 219.9 MB
120-Lord Shiva fumes at Sati.mp4 – 219.4 MB
121-Satis decision.mp4 – 213.6 MB
122-Sati argues with Shiva.mp4 – 217.7 MB
123-Sati set to go to Dakshs yagna.mp4 – 217.9 MB
124-Daksh doesnt welcome Sati.mp4 – 216.6 MB
125-Rishi Dadhichi curses Daksh.mp4 – 218.7 MB
126-Sati tries to give up her life.mp4 – 211.9 MB
127-Sati shows herself as Adi Shakti.mp4 – 217.7 MB
128-Mahadev declares war on Daksh.mp4 – 218.1 MB
129-The Gods Fear Destruction.mp4 – 217.1 MB
130-Daksh dies.mp4 – 219.6 MB
131-Tarakasur rejoices.mp4 – 212.8 MB
132-Vishnu disposes of Satis body.mp4 – 218.4 MB
133-Mahadevs grief continues.mp4 – 218.4 MB
134-Mahadev recalls Sati.mp4 – 216.2 MB
135-Mahadev returns to his God state.mp4 – 216.8 MB
136-Shiva sets up the Shakti Peetha.mp4 – 214.1 MB
137-Shiva rejoices at seeing Sati.mp4 – 214.3 MB
138-Mahadev saves the Earth.mp4 – 218.5 MB
139-Shakti Peethas are established.mp4 – 219.2 MB
140-Brahmas request to Ganga.mp4 – 423.5 MB
141-Adi Shakti is born.mp4 – 215.2 MB
142-Adi Shakti is named Parvati.mp4 – 218.4 MB
143-Parvati plays the damru.mp4 – 212.0 MB
144-Tarakasur plots to kill Parvati.mp4 – 215.5 MB
145-Menavati becomes unconscious.mp4 – 221.3 MB
146-Parvatis prayers save Menavati.mp4 – 214.0 MB
147-Him Naresh meets Daksh in Kashi.mp4 – 213.9 MB
148-Parvati meets Sati.mp4 – 215.9 MB
149-Parvati listens to Sati.mp4 – 201.9 MB
150-Parvati learns cooking.mp4 – 210.3 MB

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